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Born and brought up in the Orkney islands, Jennifer Austin is a musician and self taught artist, inspired by the sea and the ever changing light of Orkney, Edinburgh and other places travelled. 

In 2011 she graduated with a first class honours degree in Applied Music from the University of Strathclyde. She has performed with Rachel Sermanni, FARA, Adam Holmes, Heidi Talbot and Blazin' Fiddles. She is part of a visual arts collective called Projector club, providing original music for public art shows. She has also worked with researcher and film maker, David Gray writing original music for 3 of his films and written and performed live music for award winning film maker, Walid Salhab. 

Jennifer is currently based at home in Orkney where she performs with duo partner, Eric Linklater and teaches music and art in the north isles as part of the Feis na Gael TREÒIR project. Past teaching has included group classes at Tinto summer school and Feis Spe. In 2015, she was selected to take part in Live Music Now's music residency in Mumbai, where she lived for 3 months working closely with 5 different NGO's, teaching and planning workshops. While living in Glasgow she worked as a music tutor and facilitator for Paragon music, an inclusive music company helping individuals create their own music.