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Block of 4 lessons

To be used when suits you within a month

Lessons roughly 45mins + practice videos and material


What you learn:

-Learn to accompaniment tunes / songs

-Chord Patterns


-Write your own music



First Class Honours in Applied Music

10+ years teaching

10+ years touring musician having performed with FARA, Heidi Talbot, Adam Holmes, Blazin Fiddles, Eric Linklater and provided accompaniment for the BBC Young Trad musician competition.




"Jen has been the perfect teacher. She's a phenomenal player, as well as a clear, well-prepared, and welcoming teacher. In just a few lessons, we transformed my basic piano accompaniment into a fun, rhythmic, and varied sound that I was excited to bring to sessions. In fact, piano accompaniment has become enjoyable enough that my fiddle may be feeling a little neglected."

Trad piano accompaniment - Block of 4 lessons

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